Jihyun Dorothy Park

Seoul, South Korea

Hi, I'm Jihyun.
I explore areas where AI technology can be applied and enhance broaden access for the technologies.


[ APR 2021 ]
Launched project Climate Change Impact Filter, a data visualization project of what species we might lose as global temperature rises, led by Sey Min, supported by Google Arts & Culture on Earth Day.
[ MAR 2021 ]
AI powered creative tool(with built in learning resource), Praxis.ai landing page is online.


AI-powered creative tool, Praxis.ai

Development Director, ML Algorithm & Tool Developer

Praxis is a new kind of AI-powered creative tool for designers, artists and other creators. No engineering background required.

JUL 2020 - Present

Climate Change Impact Filter

ML Algorithm & Visualization Developer

Led by Sey Min. Supported by Google Arts&Culture .

An interactive machine learning experiment that visualises what we might lose and what will remain as temperatures rise.

SEP 2019 - APR 2021

Overfitted Society: Produce 101

ML Researcher & Designer & Developer

Led by Sey Min. Selected to NeurIPS 2018 – Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. .

With this project, we expect users to have fun getting grades on their appearance from the overfitted model, and also at the same time, think about our social bias and how we can avoid the overfitted society where the lack of diversity is ignored.

OCT 2018 - DEC 2018

Solving the Abusive Comments Problem through ML-based Visualization

Master Thesis

This paper proposes a novel news comments visualization system to improve the commenting culture. The system aims to reduce the writing and exposure of abusive comments through visualization and interaction design with the help of machine learning. It helps users alert themselves to the severity of hate comments, encouraging them to avoid making such comments, and it also features crowd-sourced abusive comment filtering where the exposure of abusive comments are reduced by the crowd participation.

JUN 2018 - NOV 2019


Solving the Abusive Comments Problem through ML-based Visualization

Jihyun Park
Jusub Kim
Journal of Digital Contents Society 21(4), 2020. 4, 771-779(9 pages)

TransMotion: A ML-based Interactive System for Aesthetic Experience of Movements

Yeorim Choi,
Jihyun Park
Sey Min
Jusub Kim
ISEA2019: 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art (Poster)

Serendipity: Find your way

Jihyun Park
Minwook Park
Dongwoo Shin
App Market, Creative Award HCI Korea 2019

An Analysis of Visitor Response Based on Instagram Hashtags

Jihyun Park
Ayoung Soek
Youngjun Yoon
Boa Rhee
Korean Society of Computer Information Conference 26(2), 2018. 369-372

E-mmersive Book: the AR book that assistant the syntopical reading

Shinhyo Kim,
Jihyun Park
Jusub Kim
the 9th Augmented Human International Conference(AH ’18) 37, 2018. 10.1145/3174910.3174942

Sounds fly like Shallows: Kyodongdo’s sounds performance

Jihyun Park
Ayoung Seok
Interactive Arts HCI Korea 2018


Research Intern (UROP - ISURF 2016)

Dutt Research Group, Department of C.S., University of California, Irvine.

Optimizing OpenCL Application for Embedded System

This research aims to find the method that makes higher performance by separating the workload for CPU and GPU, and develop software resource management policy to optimize the applications. My role of this research was conducted an experiment of running parallel application with specific application and platform configurations using OpenCL and Multi2Sim which is a simulator of CPUs and GPUs.

JUN 2016 - DEC 2016

Research Intern (UROP - ISURF 2015)

Dutt Research Group, Department of C.S., University of California, Irvine.

Power Consumption Minimization for Android-based Smartphone

This research aims to minimize energy consumption with minimum compromise on FPS by using two approaches. My part in this project was to make integrated CPU-GPU governor, so that the governor can waster less power than default one with linux programming.

JUN 2015 - AUG 2015


2021 AI-based Data Creation Workshop
Chonnam National University & GIST
JAN 2021
AI-based Data Video Creation Workshop
Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP)
OCT 2020
AI-based data media creation short-term lecture series workshop
Korea International Processing Society (KIPS)
OCT 2020
2020 AI-based Data Creation Workshop
JB Digital Social Innovation (JB DSI)
SEP 2020
Production of photo and sound contents based on Machine Learning
StartupCampus, Seoul
MAR 2019
AI Startup - Introductory workshop on AI technology using machine learning
StartupCampus, Seoul
JAN 2019


Sogang University
M.A.S. of Art & Technology
SEP 2017 - FEB 2020
Kookmin University
B.S. of Computer Science
MAR 2013 - FEB 2017


Programming Languages / Frameworks
  • Python, Javascript, C, C++, HTML, ReactJS, ElectronJS
Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Tensorflow, Keras, Jupyter Notebook
Data Visualization
  • Three.js, D3.js, Shader, OpenGL
Game Engine
  • Unity 3D, Unreal Engine